Is SEO Hosting still relevant in 2024?

After so many animal algorithm changes, you might be wondering is SEO hosting even relevant in the post Panda and Penguin world?

Well, yes and no. The old SEO hosts from pre-2010 with sequential C-Class IPs and custom nameservers have become more or less useless. However, as SEO evolves, so do all the important services making it easier.

There's a new breed of SEO hosting, you can call it '2.0' - though most just use PBN hosting. They are a lot safer than before, have far broader ranges of providers and IPs, and often do a lot more than just host your websites.

We built this website after thoroughly testing these new SEO hosts. But this isn't just another affiliate review sites - we go deep and test footprints on a level that the regular SEO doesn't even know they exist. You can read more about our testing process under About.

We have purchased subscriptions to all major 2.0 SEO hosting providers, and tested them for footprints, ease of use and security. You can read the summary of the reviews or the individual separate reviews of each SEO host that also include detailed screenshots of their dashboards. This way, you get a really good overview of all the major SEO hosting providers.

You can see our recommendation at the bottom of this page.

How We Tested And Reviewed Providers

We split our reviews in three sections:

  • hosting analysis
  • footprints analysis
  • security and ease of use

In hosting and footprints analysis, we check for diversity in ASNs, hosting providers, IPs, nameservers, countries, server headers, default pages, SOA records, and MX records. Make sure to check our About page to read in detail what these mean and how you can replicate the tests yourself.

Security analyzes how they keep your websites secure against hackers and attacks, if the platform has any known public vulnerabilities, and what they're doing to keep the platform secure.

Ease of use is really straightforward. We're looking for clear user interface, fast and easy setup and maintenance, and helpful support.

SEO Hosts Reviewed - Our Recommendations

This is our selection of recommended SEO hosting after thorough testing and reviewing. Make sure to read the full reviews of each hosts.

Modern SEO Hosts

Easy Blog Networks,, GoPBN, SiteWyz, MultipleCloud

In our opinion, these are the only modern hosts that at least tried to take a new approach to hosting. Unfortunately, only two qualify for recommendation - Easy Blog Networks and

cPanel Reseller SEO Hosting

No Name Internet, Paz Hosting, Bulk Buy Hosting, Cloak Hosting, IP NetworX

If you like cPanel and can't live without it (you should really rethink your life choices), you will be choosing among these hosts.

No Name Internet has footprints, Cloak Hosting and IP NetworX have catastrophic security issues. Your options are therefore limited to Bulk Buy Hosting and PazHosting. It's really your choice, both have poor dashboard, host with cheap cPanel hosts, and with both, you're waiting for them to open accounts. We think it's better if you just forget cPanel and use a provider living in this decade.

Our Top 3 Recommended SEO Hosts

Easy Blog Networks is by far the best option amongst all SEO hosting - they host with large hosting providers and have an absolutely fantastic user interface (WordPress only).

PBN dot hosting hosts with Amazon Web Services exclusively which is a problem if you want to use them for more than 10-15% of your PBN, however, they offer HTML sites which is a good option to use with EBN.

Bulk Buy Hosting is the cPanel reseller option if you really require cPanel. While it has the most random setup when it comes to footprints, the total package is spoiled by poor selection of hosting providers and unfriendly user interface.

Host Hosting Footprints Security & Ease Of Use Total Score
Easy Blog Networks

Our Recommendation

Use Easy Blog Networks with for the HTML sites (10-15%). Forget everything else.