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Easy Blog Networks has been the leading provider for PBN hosting since 2015, receiving great reviews very quickly after launching in the late 2014. Let us take a look as to why the service is a popular choice for those in the SEO industry.


Easy Blog Networks is the only provider that transparently shows who they host with. This is most likely because they host with only some of the top hosting providers like Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Linode, LiquidWeb, and so much more. Currently, they offer up to 500 unique IPs on more than 100 datacenters all over the English-speaking world.

In some cases when the hosts don’t provide their own nameservers, they use popular DNS hosts like Microsoft's Azure, ClouDNS, DNSMadeEasy, and others.

They host only WordPress blogs which will be a problem for everyone that does restores of Archive.org sites with HTML. If you can be bothered to do an extra work though, converting the static sites to the WordPress format can do the trick.

Their plans start at $35 for 10 blogs. All plans below Agency (100 blogs), come with a 7-day free trial which makes sense for anyone who wants to test the system first before committing.


They put a big focus on the lack of footprints from the very beginning. Their setup is completely natural - from IPs, nameservers, to server headers, PHP version and everything else. To this day they are still as paranoid about footprints as before, and regularly do third-party audits. If you think about it, they have as much as stake here as the users (actually, even more so, so the paranoia is a strong plus).

Some in the industry still panic about shared IPs by customers but we haven’t seen any proof that IPs were ever considered as deindexation criteria. This Easy Blog Networks review allows us to state that we rather share Amazon’s IPs with other PBNs and regular blogs than on a small provider running his servers service from a basement, and showing IP bought from who knows where.

Security and Ease of Use

Easy Blog Networks is a joy to use. Everything is as straightforward and simple as can be. What they created is a minimalist, elegant SEO hosting solution.

Blog deployment is done literally within three clicks so you can have a full 10-blog PBN running in a few minutes. This is probably one of the top things that set EBN apart from the rest.

SEO metrics and an indexation status are available on the main dashboard which lets you know at a glance when a blog is not performing well without having to go through each blog and individually check them on third- party monitoring sites.

They have an automatic transfer system that makes moving your network over to them hassle-free. All that you need to do is supply the usual requirements (blog URL, login credentials) and the system takes it from there.

They are again the only provider that do third-party audits for security and footprints. That needs to be reiterated before ending this Easy Blog Networks review.


Easy Blog Networks gets a glowing recommendation from us. Their setup is natural, the dashboard is by far the best and easiest to use, and they host with the top hosting providers. Highly recommended.

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Easy Blog Networks
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DNS Providers Host & Brand DNS
IP locations 100% EN-lang
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Automatic WordPress updates
Daily backups
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1-Click WordPress Setup
1-Click Login
Automatically set email mailbox
Automatic nameserver configuration
Tools for deindexation prevention
Dashboard with SEO metrics
Free transfer service