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Paz Hosting calls itself "next generation SEO hosting" but easy and cheap as SEO hosting. A lot of things about them scream "old" and "cumbersome" so let's see how they do on a detailed look.


In our analysis we only found one major host in their IPs (Hetzner). Everything else is pretty much unknown, in same cases that ("unknown") is the exact identifier for owners of the IP.

They report 30 providers (and only 50 IPs).

Their plans start at $15 per month for 5 blogs.


IPs are good, nameservers seem shared although in this case we would've wished there were more domains on them. MX records are setup the same but that seems to be the common thread with all cPanel hosts.

Everything else looks pretty solid.

Security and Ease of Use

Paz Hosting is again one of the hosts that doesn't seem fit to invest time in own dashboard. For everything you want to do (add server, domain) you need to open a ticket and wait for them to reply. This gets annoying really fast.

There is also nothing else they do, no backups, updates, metrics or free transfer. It's just plain hosting.


While there is nothing major going against Paz Hosting, there is also nothing major going for them either. Cheap cPanel hosts with poor dashboard. If you really want cPanel, you can go with Paz or Paz Hosting. Both are poor but you'll get the job done (don't count on any help though).

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Hosting Providers Cheap Hosts
DNS Providers Host DNS
IP locations 80% EN-lang
Server Headers
X-Powered By
Default Page
PHP Version
MySQL Version
Apache Version
Open Ports
SOA records
MX records
Automatic WordPress updates
Daily backups
Security and performance setup
HTTPS support
Automatic removal of deindexed blogs
Ease of Use  
1-Click WordPress Setup
1-Click Login
Automatically set email mailbox
Automatic nameserver configuration
Tools for deindexation prevention
Dashboard with SEO metrics
Free transfer service