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Cloak Hosting is one of the older "new generation" SEO hosts and has stayed the same all this time. There have been no updates on their dashboard or sales page. But let's see if they setup everything perfectly in the beginning.


Cloak Hosting uses smaller cPanel hosts which gives you a good IP diversity but not really on the big brand hosts you might want. In our IP ownership analysis we haven't heard of any of the hosts before.

When asked they just say they use "too many hosts to list". It would take 15 minutes for them to actually list them on their website somewhere. But the real reason is that those hosts' websites won't really give you confidence that you're hosting with good and reliable hosting providers.

Their plans start at $47 for 10 domains which is on the higher end of hosts reviewed.


Cloak Hosting's servers are setup pretty poorly. First of all, they're always reporting cPanel default page - but with them using cPanel hosts only, it's not that surprising. However, there's also no diversity in X-Powered-By, PHP version, MySQL version or Apache version.

Most of the analyzed nameservers have too few domains on them for our tastes (<1000).

Ports are OK, but as is common with other reviewed hosts, they present a security issue.

Security and Ease of Use

You get basic dashboard and cPanel access. Which means no real automation, security or performance setup.

They offer free transfer from your existing hosting providers.

And of course we can't go past the security leak of all their IPs in May 2016. A well known person in the Facebook PBN groups published all of their IPs which they got by a really simple exploit. Which, at the time of writing has still not been addressed. This is irresponsible and completely unacceptable.


Cloak Hosting launched years ago and it was far from perfect then, and it's a lot worse now. Very expensive with nothing to show for it but cheap hosting providers and security leaks. Stay away.

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Hosting Providers Cheap Hosts
DNS Providers Host DNS
IP locations 80% EN-lang
Server Headers
X-Powered By
Default Page
PHP Version
MySQL Version
Apache Version
Open Ports
SOA records
MX records
Automatic WordPress updates
Daily backups
Security and performance setup
HTTPS support
Automatic removal of deindexed blogs
Ease of Use  
1-Click WordPress Setup
1-Click Login
Automatically set email mailbox
Automatic nameserver configuration
Tools for deindexation prevention
Dashboard with SEO metrics
Free transfer service